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Repair shop adhesive

Sunstar has been providing bonding solution to automotive industry since 1978. Currently, more than 60% of new vehicle assembled in ASEAN have there windscreen and glass components installed using "Penguin Seal". For this reason, glass repair shops in Japan rely on "Penguin Seal”. Choosing Sunstar products as a service part, ensures the vehicle owner is receiving the same level of quality for his vehicle; as the OEM manufacture provided when the vehicle was new.

Requirement of windshield bonding

A windshield is the primary and most important barrier between the vehicle's occupants and the various elements outside. The windshield plays a key role in ensuring the safety of the passengers, particularly when the vehicle is involved in an accident or collision. Today, windshields are complex components, which are generally made of laminated safety glass. This is a type of treated glass, which consists of two (typically) curved sheets of glass with a plastic layer laminated between them, to stop fragmentation of the glass when broken.
For passenger safety, it is critical that the bond strength of windshield to vehicle body, is capable of withstanding the huge forces exerted during a severe impact. It is a key factor in OEM vehicle testing, which should not be compromised when service parts are fitted. Sunstar windshield adhesive "Penguin Seal” is certified quality by the worlds major automotive manufacturers. Sunstar’s service products are specially formulated for repair shop usage. Sunstar glass replace adhesive meet OEM durability specifications and FMVSS(Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) and JASO(Japanese Automotive Standards Organization)

Feature of Sunstar Glass Replace Adhesive

  • Ensures OEM approved glass bonding specification for vehicle occupants.
  • Fast curing technology gives reducing time and cost.
  • Compatible with all types of paint systems and windshield configuration.
  • Sunstar is the only supplier with 100% manufacture in Thailand. Guaranteeing the freshest products at all times.


Penguin Seal 560-T FMVSS test compatible. Excellent workability and long term durability. OEM standard grade. Solvent free.
Penguin Seal 3831F-T Primer less sealant. Excellent workability and long term durability. FMVSS test compatible. Solvent free.
Primer 435-98 Primer for paint surface. Excellent adhesion and durability.
Primer 435-40 Primer for glass. Excellent adhesion and durability.
Active cleaner Glass surface cleaner. Perfect combination before use Penguin Seal 3831F-T
Primer 435-72 Primer for PVC. Use for bonding PVC made parts such as side molding to body.
Primer 435-75 Primer for ionomer. Use for bonding ionomer made parts such as spoiler to body.