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Interior adhesive

As the automotive interior manufacturing industry moves into the 21st century, it is continually required to meet increasing product performance specifications, complicate design, substrates. Recently the automotive trim industry moves to use polyolefin based substrate due to recycle issue. The substrates are the most difficult to bond as generally known. This is due to the naturally low surface energy properties of olefin. In most cases, a primer on the surface is required for an adhesive system to bond any substrate to PP.
Sunstar offers PP adhesive which does not require any surface treatments when bonding olefin substrates. Sunstar PP adhesive is one component solvent base adhesive, which is designed to bond with polypropylene and other olefin based substrates. Further more, Sunstar PP adhesive has excellent heat and humidity resistance and initial tackiness. Sunstar PP adhesive will meet or exceed most of automotive specifications.

Application process example

Application area example


Penguin Cement 379V BTX free solvent based adhesive. Excellent green strength and durability with poly olefin such as PP.
Penguin Cement 322 Long open time version of 379V. No dry process also applicable.