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Glass bonding adhesive

A automotive window is bonded to painted body directly with glass bonding adhesive. (Direct Glazing) Used with a gasket was used for glazing body. The gasket glazing has been replaced by Direct Glazing method for collision safety.

Sunstar is 1st commercial producer of Direct Glazing adhesive in Japan in 1978. Now days over 60% of automotive assemble line chose Sunstar DG adhesive.

Sunstar DG adhesive is based on polyurethane technology.

Direct Glazing method consist of adhesive, body primer (Paint primer), glass primer.

Application example for automobile assemble line


Penguin Seal 560-T Solvent free. FMVSS test compatible. Excellent workability and long term durability. J-OEM standard grade.
Primer 435-98 Primer for paint surface. Excellent adhesion and durability.
Primer 435-40 Primer for glass. Excellent adhesion and durability.
Primer 435-72 Primer for PVC. Use for bonding PVC made parts such as side molding to body.
Primer 435-75 Primer for ionomer. Use for bonding ionomer made parts such as spoiler to body.