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Sunstar manufacture and supply the highest quality adhesives and sealants available, to the Worlds major automotive OEM companies and there related suppliers. Popularly known as “PENGUIN CEMENT and PENGUIN SEAL”, these product ranges meet all specified performance requirements and are widely specified. “PENGUIN CEMENT and PENGUIN SEAL” are the 1st choice products for over 60% of vehicles assembled in ASEAN.

Sunstar quality OEM products are also made available for the repair shop market. Having more than 50 years history with direct OEM supply, ensures a comprehensive approval status by the OEM’s. This naturally provides confidence to the repair shop business and also there end-user , the final customer.

Sunstar ‘s broad range of manufacturing equipment and expertise enables it to offer a variety of contract manufacturing services. Our expert technical staff can be an asset in the cost-effective manufacture of your own products.

Surface mount technology in the field of Electronics, is advancing at very fast pace. This contributes to higher performance and miniaturization of digital media products such as smart phones, DSC, or other handheld devices. This trend also reflected within the automotive electronics sector, in the form of various ECU converging more functions than before. Sunstar have a wide variety of under-fill materials that match and surpass the needs of this industry sector.